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As a leading alloy material manufacturer in China, Powerway offers a wide selection of environmental protection alloys, including lead free brass, environmentally friendly brass and copper-nickel alloy. Our environmental protection alloys do not pose a threat to human health or the environment while offering exceptional wear resistance, strength, hardness and machinability.
Powerway Alloy carries a wide selection of special alloys including deformed copper nickel alloy, superelastic alloy, energy efficient brass alloy and silver copper alloy with high inoxidizability. These special alloys, also referred to as special metals, specialty metals or specialty alloys, offer a superior combination of impact, heat and corrosion resistance, toughness and strength.
At Powerway Alloy, we offer a complete selection of bronze alloys including free cutting bronze, aluminum bronze and phosphor bronze. Our production covers bronze bars and bronze wires in various specifications as per customer request.
We offer a wide range of copper nickel alloys including free cutting copper nickel alloy, nickel silver wire, copper nickel zinc alloy and cupronickel. They come in wire and bar shapes, and feature high strength, excellent welding performance, great corrosion resistance, etc.
Here at Powerway, as a specialist metal alloy manufacturer, we offer an excellent selection of brass alloy materials including complex brass, free machining brass and copper zinc alloy. They boast exceptional versatility and outstanding chemical and mechanical properties.
Powerway manufactures a vast variety of high precision copper alloy strips including phosphor bronze strip, copper-nickel-zinc alloy strip, copper iron alloy strip, copper nickel silicon alloy strip, copper nickel tin alloy strip, copper chromium zirconium alloy strip and copper titanium alloy strip.
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