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Brazing Alloy / Filler Metal

The welding & brazing alloy produced by Powerway Alloy features high strength and corrosion resistance. This filler material is widely used in brass oxyacetylene welding, carbon arc welding, universal type oxyacetylene welding, argon arc welding and steel material MIG welding.

Categories: Bar & Wire production-Brazing Material

Name: Brazing Material / Filler Material

Number: RBCuZn-C, RBCuZn-D, BCu60ZnSn-R, CuSn, CuSi3, CuAl8

Alloy Features
Welded joints have amazing strength performance;
Mobility and air tightness are excellent;
Solder joints are formed without pores, the weld surface is smooth;
Good corrosion resistance;

Specifications of the Brazing Alloy
Articles Characteristics
Name GB AWS DIN Melting point ( ℃) Specification (mm) Characteristics
Iron Brass CuZn40Fe 1Sn1MnSi RBCuZn -C CuZn40 FeSiSn 860 900 0.8-9.0 Universal oxy-acetylene brazing filler material with mobility that can effectively control the evaporation of zinc
Tin brass BCu60ZnSn -R - CuZn40Sn1 870 910 Good fluidity, high-strength for gas welding and carbon arc welding of brass
Znic Nickel Copper BCu48ZnNi -R RBCuZn -D CuNi10Zn40 890 950 High welding strength, good fluidity
Aluminum Bronze HSCuAl ERCuAl-A1 CuAl8 1030 1040 Excellent corrosion-resistance in seawater, corrosion-resistance to acid
Silicon Bronze HSCuSi ERCuSi -A CuSi3Mn1 910 1025 Excellent machinery performance. Argon arc welding of copper alloys and MIG brazing of steel
Red copper HSCu ERCu CuSn1MnSi 1030 1054 The welding spot is firm with excellent air tightness.

Notes: Manufacturing can be customized based on specific requirements.

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