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Energy-Efficient Brass Alloy

Powerway possesses powerful R&D strengths as a major copper alloy producer in China and we pride ourselves on our development of energy-efficient materials. The energy-efficient brass alloy that we have developed has incredibly low thermal conductivity and abrasion resistance, and is ideally used for the production of various valves, connectors and relevant components for energy-saving and thermal energy loss prevention purposes.

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Name: Energy-Efficient Brass Alloy

Number: PWK6916, PWK6915

Low thermal conductivity: 45% -65% lower than lead brass, reducing heat loss;
Higher wear resistance than lead brass;
Excellent machinability;
Provides great air tightness, no leakage;
Cd content is in conformity with the RoHS directive;
PWK6916 brass alloy delivers superior brazing performance;

Specifications of Energy Efficient Brass Alloy
Item Specs
PWK6915 As per customers' request
PWK6916 R12×19×7
or as per customers' request

This brass alloy is perfect for the manufacturing of various valves, connectors and other components used in high temperature medium transport pipelines to minimize thermal loss. It can be made into round bars or special shapes as required. For example, the valve seat of four-way reversing valve for air conditioning can be made from D shape brass alloy bar.

Chemical Compositions
Standard Articles Chemical Composition (wt%) Total Impurity (wt% )
Cu Pb Me Zn
Controlled by Powerway Alloy PWK6915 56.5-61.5 1.5-3.5 ≤4.5 REM 0.9
PWK6916 58.5-60.5 2.5-3.5 ≤3.0 REM 0.9
Mechanical Property
Articles Bar
Temper Specification Tensile Strength (Mpa) Elongation (%) Hardness (HV5)
PWK6916 Y2 R12×19×7 450-550 5-15 130±10
PWK6916 Bar 420-580 5-15 120-145
PWK6915 Bar 420-580 5-15 120-145
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