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Superelastic Alloys

Powerway Alloy is an industry leading supplier of copper alloy materials in China and internationally. The superelastic alloys that we supply, also called shape-memory alloys, feature excellent wear resistance and machining properties. These metal alloys are widely used in communication, lockset, and refrigeration and spring industries.

Categories: Bar & Wire Products-Special Alloy

Name: Superelastic Alloys

Number: HAl72-3-1

High intensity: Tensile strength ≥1100Mpa;
Perfect elasticity: Elastic modulus>120Gpa, higher than conventional bronze;
High hardness: HV>220;
Low cost: 4% lower than the bronze alloys;
Strong oxidization resistance;
Superior machinability: better than the other bronze alloys; performance index reaches more than 60% of C36000;
Great conductivity: Electrical conductivity ≥17% ;

Details of Superelastic Alloys
Articles Specification Performance Applications
HAl72-3-1 1.0-80.0mm Excellent wear resistance, conductivity and machinability Perfect for industries including communications, lockset, refrigeration, spring, etc.
Mechanical property of Superelastic Alloys
Temper Tensile Strength (Mpa) Yield Strength (Mpa) Elongation (%) Conductivity (%, IACS)
Hard 923 780 1 17
Soft 402 500 36
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