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High Conductivity Copper Alloy
Copper Chrome Zirconium

Poweray Alloy is a specialized supplier of copper alloys in China and other international alloy markets. With years of development and experience in the production of professional grade metal alloys, we can offer customers high quality copper alloy products. Made from copper chrome zirconium, these high conductivity copper alloys provide an excellent combination of conductivity and strength, and is great for automobile, aerospace, metallurgy and other industries.

Here at Powerway Alloy, as one of the major developers and producers of high performance copper alloy products in China, we carry a wide range of copper chrome zirconium materials. The chromium zirconium copper delivers a combination of high strength and high conductivity. It has brought dramatic benefits to various sectors, including automobile, aerospace and metallurgy industries.

Categories: Bar & Wire Product- High Conductivity Copper Alloy

Name: Copper Chrome Zirconium

Number: C18150, C18200, C15000

High strength: Tensile strength> 450Mpa;
High hardness: HRB70-86, HB120-165;
High conductivity: Conductivity>75% (IACS);
High softening point: 475-600℃;
High wear and heat resistance;
High resistance to deformation;
Long service life;

Details of the Copper Chrome Zirconium
Items Specifications Characteristics
C18150 CuCr1Zr - - φ6-φ120mm
10 S6-S65mm
1. High strength (Rm:≥450Mpa, HRB:70-86)
2. High conductivity (75-83% conductivity in IACS)
3. Excellent resistance to high temperature, abrasion, and deformation.
C15000 CuZr - QZr0.2 φ6-φ120mm
10 S6-S65mm
C18200 CuCr1 - - φ6-φ120mm
10 S6-S65mm

Copper chrome zirconium is ideally suited for the resistance welding of steel plates and stainless steel plates for the automobile and aerospace industry. It is also an ideal material for spot welding and circuit breakers in high voltage switches. Additionally, this high strength and high conductivity material is perfect for continuous crystallizers in the metallurgical industry and widely used as lead alternatives for IC frames.

Chemical Compositions
Articles Composition
GB/QB DIN/ASTM/JIS Cr Zr Total impurity Cu
QCr0.5Zr0.15 C18150 0.5-1.5 0.05-0.25 <0.2 REM
QCr0.5 C18200 0.6-1.2 - <0.2 REM
QZr0.2 C15000/C15100 - 0.1-0.2 <0.2 REM
QZr0.4 - - 0.3-0.5 <0.2 REM
Mechanical Properties
Description Articles Temper Specification (mm) Tensile Strength
(Mpa )
( % )
Chromium Bronze C18200 TH04 4-20 >380 >10 75-80
20-40 >475 >10 72-80
40-60 >450 >8 65-75
Chromium -zirconium copper C18150 TH04 4-20 >450 >10 75-85
20-40 >400 >10 73-85
40-60 >380 >12 65-83
Zirconium copper C15000/C15100 TH04 4-20 >450 >10 75-85
20-40 >400 >10 73-85
40-60 >380 >8 68-83
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